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Mocker Utilikilt

Pants are lame, and DockersŪ are the lamest pants we can think of. They're so lame that Utilikilts decided to come out with a kilt so sleek and clean and stylish that your Docker wearing friends would cry in secret shame.

When they sat down to design the Mocker, there were just two goals in mind:

Design a cleaner, more refined looking Utilikilt that wouldn't seem out of place at the office or with a shirt and tie.

Put in enough hidden cargo space to please even the most demanding Utilikiltarian.

For the Mocker, the side cargo pockets found on other Utilikilts disappeared. (It seemed a shame to hide all those beautiful pleats.) They are replaced with absolutely cavernous slanted internal pockets to hold all your gear.

How deep are these pockets? So deep you could lose an arm in them. So deep you might need a flashlight to find that cute girl's number from the bar. So deep that you can load all the junk you want in there and it'll all rest comfortably below your "man bits."

And unlike a pair of pants, you can load your Mocker up with a ton of stuff without showing any sort of distracting bulge. The lines of the Mocker stay clean no matter what you carry around. The Mocker's pockets have been designed so that when you sit down all your stuff falls safely to the inside of your thigh. These things are secure. No more stuff falling out of your pockets and getting left behind in that restaurant booth. Heck, go ahead and do a cartwheel. You might lose your pride, but your stuff is staying where it's supposed to. Additionally, the Mocker features two single-welt rear pockets with the Utilikilts name subtly sewed in above the right pocket in matching thread. Made in the USA. Available in Heather Gray.

Buy a Mocker and burn your DockersŪ in the name of freedom.

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