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Susato Kildare Whistles

These two-part instruments can be pitch-adjusted by pulling the joint in or out. They are available in black. The prices for all Kildare model whistles include a thumbrest, joint grease, a fingering chart and vinyl carrying case.

Soprano sizes of the S-Series: High E-flat, High D, High C, Low B-flat. These whistles are often used for session playing. The B-flat whistle is soft-sounding.
Alto sizes of the M-Series: Low B-flat, Low A, Low G. To accommodate lower pitch requirements, these whistles have a larger bore than the S-series. The B-flat whistle is louder than the S-Series whistle. Keys may be added to the low G whistle, if desired.
Tenor sizes of the L-Series:Low F, Low E, Low E-flat, Low D. One or two keys may be added to L-Series whistles to make them easier to play for persons with short arms or small hands.

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