Discover Irish, Scottish and Celtic heritage with our exciting product lines.
Wares Imported from and Inspired by Ireland, Scotland and the Celtic Nations
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Clothing & Accessories


Kilts & Highland Wear
Check out these kilts for guys, gals and kids in tartan and solid color. Great for athletic activity, everyday wear and participation in Celtic events. All our kilts made in USA.
Utilikilts & Gear
Experience the freedom that comes from wearing a great kilt! Not your father's kilt, these American made utility kilts are for everyday wear.

Women’s Wear
Your place in time is fluid… you may link yourself firmly to the present, or be transported to the simple elegance of the Victorian era, the American west, or another time near and dear to your heart. Find your expression in Steampunk and period clothing and accessories of your special period here.

Corsets & Such
Browse our great selection of figure-enhancers. Whether you're slender or fuller-figured, we have a fun new look for you.

Women’s Ensembles
We know you can put a great outfit together. We've put together some ensembles, just to give you a head start. And if you choose one of our outfits we've included a little discount as an incentive.

Men’s Wear
Anchor yourself firmly to the present, but imagine where you really want to be, be it to the simple elegance of the Victorian era, the American West, or wherever in time and space you wish you were. Find your expression in Steampunk and period clothing here.

This collection of designer Tees features fairies, dragons, angels, magicians, myths and legends. It is truly "wearable artwork."

What is your image of Celtic lands? Pipers in kilts on the lonely heath? Warm times in a comfy pub, cocking the wee finger for a dram of pure Scots or Irish nectar? Discover the wit, wisdom and humor of the Celts with these Tees and casual mini-kilts.

Scottish and Aussie headgear will keep the sun off your face, or keep you warm in winter. You'll flip your lid over this collection.

This growing collection features scarves, wraps, and more. You'll find the perfect accent for whatever you're wearing, whether you're spending a day in jeans or a night on the town.
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