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Time Crossings Accessories

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Anchor yourself firmly to the present, but transport yourself to the time of your dreams or aspirations, be it to the simple elegance of the Victorian era, the American West, the near or far unknown or another time near and dear to your heart. Find your expression in Steampunk and period accessories here.
    Description Price
1.   Edward Tall Top Hat
Item No. CHCC1056
2.   Lowrise Top Hat
Item No. CHCC1075
3.   Carson City Bowler
Item No. CHCC1047
4.   Breckenridge Safari Hat
Item No. CHCC1076
5.   Shadow Goggles
Item No. CTVAG001
6.   Cogwork Chain Necklace
Item No. CVAN001
7.   Victorian Lace Choker
Item No. CVAN002
8.   Black Lace Collar with Rose
Item No. CSYALC0850
9.   Vintage Black Lace Necklace
Item No. CSYALC0887
10.   Victorian Lace Choker with Pendant
Item No. CSYALC0981
11.   Mechanical Butterfly Choker
Item No. CRQASP037
12.   Clockwork Choker
Item No. CRQASP065
13.   Propeller Choker
Item No. CRQASP137
14.   Short Lace Glove
Item No. CSYALC73126-2
15.   Fingerless Long Fishnet Gloves
Item No. CSYALC73120
16.   Lace Fingerless Fishnet Glove
Item No. CSYALC73118-2
17.   Lace Gothic Gloves
Item No. CRQ1016
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