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Heathergems is a unique and imaginative range of Scottish jewelry made from natural Scottish heather in Perthshire, Scotland. The heather is collected and cleaned, then the stems are dyed and compressed into a solid block. The block is cut into slices and shaped into individual pieces by skilled craftspeople. Every piece of this truly unique, handmade jewelry is original no two are ever the same. Each piece is individually gift boxed.

Heathergems is the only manufacturers of this unique product anywhere in the world.
    Description Price
1.   Silver Celtic Necklet Pendant
Item No. HGSP404
2.   Silver Pendant
Item No. HGSP421
3.   Silver Pendant
Item No. HGSP420
4.   Celtic Silver Pendant
Item No. HGSP424
5.   Silver Plated Cross Pendant
Item No. HGHP24
6.   Silver Plated S-twist Pendant
Item No. HGHP48
7.   Silver Plated Wishbone Pendant
Item No. HGHP49
8.   Small Oval Pewter Pendant
Item No. HGHP30
9.   Pewter Celtic Cross
Item No. HGHP32
10.   Circular Silver Plated Drop Earrings
Item No. HGHE12
11.   Silver Plated Wishbone Drop Earrings
Item No. HGHE13
12.   Silver Plated S-twist Drop Earring
Item No. HGHE14
13.   Silver Drop Earrings
Item No. HGSE45
14.   Silver Luckenbooth Brooch
Item No. HGSB10
15.   Scottish Thistle Silver Brooch
Item No. HGSB15
16.   Thistle Flower Brooch
Item No. HGCB1
17.   Thistle Oval Brooch
Item No. HGCB5
18.   Pewter Plaid Brooch
Item No. HGHB50
19.   Pewter Thistle Brooch
Item No. HGHB56
20.   Large Round Celtic Pewter Brooch
Item No. HGHB57
21.   Round Celtic Knot Brooch
Item No. HGHB58
22.   Large Round Pewter Brooch
Item No. HGHB67
23.   Silver Plated Bangle
Item No. HGHBA11
24.   Silver Plated Bangle
Item No. HGHBA12
25.   Silver Plated Bangle
Item No. HGHBA15
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