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The Tain Pottery

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The Tain Pottery, firmly established as one of the largest Scottish ceramic manufacturers, offers a large range of products created by traditional craft techniques and skill. The ware has been developed by a team of artisans including two potters who between them have more than 50 years experience creating craft ceramics. The products cover quite diverse methods and techniques, from hand built and thrown through jiggered and jollied to extruded and pressed. The principal clay body used is stoneware first formulated in 1981. It is fired to vitrification at 1280 degrees centigrade, to eliminate porosity and can be used in microwaves, ovens, freezers and dishwashers. The range of glazes used revolve around a tin glaze first concocted in 1978 and hen modified to fit the white stoneware body, tried and tested!

The original designs, all hand painted, continue to evolve with the passing of time subtle changes effected in the pursuit of excellence. New designs are added to broaden the range of color and hue. It is easy to see where the inspiration comes from; we live in an area so rich in natural beauty each season offers a fresh collage of stimuli. In fact there is a genuine surplus of ideas within the core of decoration design, so much we have only scratched the surface with our current efforts; this must bode well for the future.

Fearn Pattern  

Glenaldie Pattern  
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